Yesterday, only moments before he was scheduled to leave, the White House quietly canceled Joe Biden’s trip to his home in Delaware. Instead of leaving the White House to vacation, during what is certainly one of the worst international blunders in U.S. history, Joe’s handlers decided the senile Democrat puppet should stay in DC and at least make it look like he cares.

Meanwhile, political leaders in the U.S. and abroad are losing their patience with Joe Biden and whoever is hiding behind the curtain, pulling the senile old Democrat’s strings.

Leaders of nations who have been allies of the United States for decades are now openly criticizing Joe Biden’s embarrassingly inept handling of the evacuation of US citizens and Afghan allies from the Kabul Airport. Earlier today, the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, who sent troops to Afghanistan 20 years ago after 9-11, called Biden’s withdrawal of US troops “imbecilic.”

While Biden fumbles, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is filling the void left by Biden, as he calls on G7 leaders from around the world to do the job Joe Biden and his feckless regime seem to be incapable of doing.

This morning, Prime Minister Johnson tweeted:  I will convene G7 leaders on Tuesday for urgent talks on the situation in Afghanistan. It is vital that the international community works together to ensure safe evacuations, prevent a humanitarian crisis and support the Afghan people to secure the gains of the last 20 years.

In addition to turning the keys to Afghanistan over to the Taliban terrorists, ISIS, who was decimated during Donald J. Trump’s presidency, is now making a comeback in Afghanistan. According to the Daily Mail, they are posing a significant threat to US troops who are desperately trying to evacuate US citizens and Afghan allies.

So far, at least 20 people have died in the nightmare that continues to unfold at the Kabul Airport where individuals and families are desperate to be evacuated from the hell-hole of Afghanistan.

A baby is passed over a barbed wire fence to US troops stationed at the wall surrounding the Kabul Airport.

The Daily Mail reports -It is feared Islamic State in Afghanistan – also known as ISIS-K – could use stolen heat-seeking missiles to bring down a rescue plane carrying hundreds of refugees including women and children.

ISIS militants have been fighting the Taliban for the last six years as they attempt to annex their own piece of Afghanistan following the collapse of their caliphate in Syria and Iraq following Western airstrikes and raids targeting the terror group.

Military planes making evacuation runs into Kabul are dropping flares and carrying out nosedive combat landings amid fears that Islamic terrorists may try to shoot one down as Afghans trying to flee the Taliban have described at least 20 civilians being killed in the chaos.

US military planes are doing rapid diving combat landings to beat the threat of a missile attack. An incredible video shows a French transport plane yesterday deploying flares designed to confuse heat-seeking technology that may have been stolen by Islamic State in Afghanistan.

Taliban forces controlling all access points to Hamid Karzai International Airport are not thought to be attempting to shoot down military aircraft during the Western evacuation effort, as such an action could trigger another American-led intervention in Afghanistan.

Afghans at Kabul airport have described seeing more than 15 people including a two-year-old girl shot and beaten to death by the Taliban or trampled to death in the melee as thousands of locals desperately try to escape the new regime. One family described night-time crowd surges outside the airport gates and people killed in the stampede as they pleaded: ‘We are trapped in a hell.’

A NATO official who spoke on condition of anonymity told Reuters at least 20 people have been killed in the past seven days in and around Kabul airport during the evacuation effort. The British Ministry of Defence said seven Afghans had died while trying to flee the Taliban.

British Armed Forces Minister James Heappey has said that more than 1,700 people have been airlifted out in the past 24 hours with the help of the Taliban, adding that the militants were marshaling people into separate UK and US evacuation queues.

However, Taliban militants surrounding Kabul airport fired in the air and used batons to beat back the crowds and make people line up in orderly queues on Sunday, witnesses said. The crude crowd-control methods, together with reports that Taliban gangs have marauded conquered territory to enslave female Afghans, fly in the face of the group’s stated claims to be going ‘moderate’.


Boris Johnson said he will convene G7 leaders on Tuesday for ‘urgent talks’ on the crisis, writing on Twitter: ‘It is vital that the international community works together to ensure safe evacuations, prevent a humanitarian crisis and support the Afghan people to secure the gains of the last 20 years.’

Today he held talks with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who could become a key go-between in any diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and the west. No.10 today said the two leaders had agreed that the Taliban must ‘protect the rights of women and minorities.

‘The leaders shared the view that any new government must be representative of Afghanistan’s diverse population and protect the rights of women and minorities, and that the Taliban would be judged by their actions not their words on this,’ a Downing Street spokesman said.

‘They agreed that countries must commit to burden-sharing on aid and refugees, noting that United Nations coordination would be central to that effort,’ the spokesman added.

The world is watching, as Joe Biden and his regime inexplicably abdicate their responsibility to retrieve US citizens and Afghan allies who risked it all to help American troops for 20 years.

Yesterday, Iranian journalist Heshmat Alavi tweeted a shocking statement about the current state of affairs in neighboring Afghanistan:

Born in Iran, I have been through extremely tough times.

I’ve lost many family and friends, some in my arms.

Yet even for someone like me, the nightmare of Afghanistan is too much to bear.

So much suffering…


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