He took in over $8.6 million in campaign contributions, much of it came from outside of the 6th District in Georgia. For the Democrats, this was a must-win race. The dream of 30 year old Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff winning a seat once occupied by Newt Gingrich and vacated by Tom Price for a position in the Trump administration was squashed last night. US Congressional candidate Jon Ossoff was taking on much more than 16 other candidates in a nearby district (yes, I did say “nearby district,” as Ossoff is NOT a resident of the district he was running to represent) he was being used by Democrats, as they tried to prove that if Ossoff won in this mostly “red” district that America  has fallen out of love with President Donald Trump.

Democrats used the anger and fury of their progressive base, including hate-filled Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson, to stir up emotions in voters as a way to encourage them to the show up at the polls in Georgia yesterday. They failed…


Listen to disgusting Hollywood actor/radical activist Samuel L. Jackson tell voters in a state where he doesn’t even live to “go vote…vote for the Democratic Party.” STOP Donald Trump, the man who encourages racial and religious discrimination and sexism. Remember what happened the last time people stayed home. We got stuck with Trump! We have to channel the great vengeance and fury that we have for this administration into votes at the ballot box.”

Ossoff led an 18-candidate field of Republicans, Democrats and independents, the entire slate placed on a single ballot to choose a successor to Republican Tom Price, who resigned to join Trump’s administration as health secretary.

But Ossoff fell just shy of the majority required to claim Georgia’s 6th Congressional District outright, opening the door to Handel, who finished a distant second but ahead of a gaggle of Republican contenders.


The investigative filmmaker and former congressional staffer received 48.1 per cent of the vote on Tuesday – he needed 50 per cent to avoid a runoff. Handel, meanwhile, received 19.8 per cent of the vote.

The rest of the vote was split between several other Democrats and Republicans, as well as two Independents.

Here’s what President Trump had to say on Twitter about the Democrats failed efforts to embarrass him:



In total, Democrats received 49 per cent of the vote, Republicans received 51 per cent of the vote. –Daily Mail

If Republicans are going to maintain their majority in the House and Senate, perhaps they need to take a few pages from the Democratic playbook. The Democrats are fighting for their lives…this is no time for the Republicans to sit back and take their majority for granted.

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Republican resources were split between eleven Republican contenders. The most prolific fundraising candidate among them raised less than $500,000, — not even ten percent of the amount Ossoff raised.

The Republican establishment, initially caught flat-footed, ended up spending over $5 million in advertising against Ossoff in the last weeks of the campaign, but it never caught up in the all-important ground game, which typically consists of a positive voter engagement on behalf of a single specific candidate rather than a negative attack on a single candidate.

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In retrospect, Republicans failed to recognize the unique opportunity the “jungle primary” provided Democrats who focused all their support behind one candidate. Republican leadership could have made a similar choice from among their eleven candidates, but did not do so. They did, in the end, get some help from the Republican establishment in Washington.

“Republicans in Georgia sounded the alarm several weeks ago, prompting $2 million in spending from the NRCC to help boost Republican turnout and counter Democrats’ energy. The Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC aligned with House leadership, also dumped in $3 million of its own money and dispatched on-the-ground staffers to the district,” Politico reported.

Speaker Ryan, however, who has the responsibility to support Republican candidates in the House, did not see the risk of a Democratic victory in Georgia until it was too late.

In fact, he was not even in the United States on Tuesday. Instead, he was in Europe, leading a bi-partisan Congressional delegation.

For entire story: Breitbart


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