Are we becoming London? Deadly stabbings have skyrocketed there. The high number of deadly stabbings is reflected nationally, with 2018 the fourth worst year on record for knife deaths among under-20s in England and Wales.

CBS Local reports that a Minneapolis man used a stolen machete to remove security straps from thousands of dollars of merchandise at Target stores throughout St. Paul. He also used the weapon with the intention to “intimidate” anyone who discovered what he was doing. Ali hit a string of Targets but and even stole the weapon from Walmart.

Abdikadir Ayanle Ali was just charged with four counts of first-degree aggravated robbery after surveillance video from several of the thefts helped the authorities to identify Ali.

Ali confessed to robbing one Target at least ten times! In addition, he says he “hit” several other Target, Walmart and TJ Maxx stores.

Ali is obviously a Somali Muslim man who is one of the thousands who has settled in the Minneapolis area for decades.

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With Somali refugees comes new things like using a machete to rob or “intimidate” people.

The lesson learned from the total and complete takeover of Minneapolis by Somalis is whether you want America to remain the way it is or be totally unrecognizable.

Why are we still taking Somali refugees anyway?

We probably have at least twice as many Somalis of ethnic descent living in the US as the federal government is telling us! – Ann Corcoran, Refugee Resettlement Watch

Through FY16 we admitted 136,376 Somali ‘refugees’!

Please understand that our government is unable to know the exact number of Somalis we’re taken in through all the different ways the government imports them. 

The number above does not include all the Somalis who got in to the US through other means including the Diversity Visa Lottery (50K admitted in the name of diversity), those who received student visas and disappeared into the American woodwork, are here protected by Temporary Protected Status, or who came across one of our borders and applied for asylum (or simply disappeared) over the last 3 decades.

And, in order for there to be only 129,000 people of Somali ancestry here it would require us to believe some who came to the US left the country, that a whole heck of a lot of them died while they weren’t having babies for nearly 35 years! It is nuts!

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When the government does census counts do they rely completely on who is willing to answer surveys, or do they make some attempt to look at government-held numbers about those who entered the country? Apparently they rely on Somalis willing to tell them something!

In addition to the 136,376 through FY16, we have admitted 4,478 in the last 4 months and 19 days.

And, we pick up Somalis all over the world, and I can assure you that vetting the wandering Somalis is impossible.

Here is where that 4,478 were placed since October 1, 2016 (according to Wrapsnet): Please check out Wrapsnet if you want to dig into your state or any other numbers. It’s a great resource!




The top five states ‘welcoming’ Somalis since October 1, 2016 are Minnesota (609), New York (397), Ohio (306), Kentucky (283) and Arizona (276). Virtually all Somalis are Muslims. WHERE ARE THE CONGRESSMEN FROM THESE TOP FIVE STATES? RAND PAUL, JOHN MCCAIN and others have been silent on the effort for the UN to push Somalis into our towns! 

And, of all the ethnic groups entering the US right now, Somalis (I believe) lead the pack in the number of terrorist attacks or attempted terrorist attacks, or who have been arrested and convicted of helping to support jihadists in some form or another.

Frankly, there is absolutely no reason for the US to take in more Somalis! The UN is pushing them on us!

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