Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is making it difficult for President Trump and his supporters to host a rally on Thursday night at the Target Center.

Controversy has surrounded the mayor’s effort to put roadblocks up with ridiculous fees for security at the event. The bottom line is that Mayor Frey wants to make President Trump feel unwelcome in the city.

He also tried to make things difficult for the off-duty police officers working the rally.

Former Green Bay Packer Bob Kroll is President of the Police Union in Minneapolis. He spoke to Pete Hegseth recently about the new policy from Mayor Frey that prohibits the police officers from wearing their uniforms while off duty:

The sudden ban on wearing the police uniform didn’t stop the police union. They thought of a fantastic alternative:

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They are wearing and selling t-shirts that say ‘Cops for Trump.’

All proceeds go to charity!

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The Minneapolis Police Union is selling t-shirts officers can buy and wear to President Donald Trump’s rally at the Target Center:

The t-shirt is for sale on the MPD Federation website: Order the “Cops for Trump” T-Shirt!

Click Here to order the new “Cops for Trump” T-Shirt.

These t-shirts should sell like hotcakes!

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