Leave it to the main stream media to leave out important information or just not report on the horrific rape of a 10-year old girl. This guy is a Somali refugee who’s been trouble from day one. He’s got a track record of mental health issues and crime dating back to 2003:

Abdi also has a history of substance abuse dating to 2003.

On Nov. 14, 2014, Abdi was hospitalized at the U Medical Center after police found him brandishing a knife at a stranger on the street, according to the commitment order.

During that hospitalization, he “demonstrated poor sexual boundaries with female hospital staff,” attempted to leave the hospital without permission, refused to take his medication and engaged in “intense staring at staff and other residents.”

The commitment lasted until January, when Abdi was provisionally discharged four months early. But on Aug. 6, the provisional discharge was revoked by the court and ordered to remain active until at least mid-November because Abdi had grabbed a woman and had pulled a knife on another person. Abdi’s case manager also noted his use of marijuana and refusal to take his medications.



The American taxpayers are paying for this mooch who refuses to obey the law in America. Somali refugees flooded Minneapolis years ago and many of the young Somalis have left to join ISIS. Let’s just say Minneapolis will never be the same. Assimilating just doesn’t happen with the Somalis and they’ve demanded all the “goodies” including a food pantry with their halal food only. They’ve also held protests for jobs…hey, join the club! Americans have been shortchanged in this entire situation but the refugee resettlement agencies don’t care as long as they get their money.

A Minneapolis man is charged with raping a 10-year-old girl in her apartment building in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood.

A criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County charges 34-year-old Ahmed Hersi Abdi with two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, Abdi faces the prospect of spending more than 30-years of his life in jail.

“People are sad, they’re shocked, and they’re concerned for the welfare of the young girl, and they’re looking saying, what happened? What could have been done differently?” Mohamud Noor, a Somali community leader and a former Minneapolis school board member, told KARE.

Minneapolis Police squads were called to the Riverside Plaza Apartments at on Sunday October 4 by an off-duty officer after witnesses told them a child had been sexually assaulted. They told police they heard screaming from a third floor hallway and saw a young girl crying. The witnesses said a man had pulled her pants down and done something to her.

The witnesses quickly found two off-duty Minneapolis officers were working security in a nearby building.

“The Somalian community who came across this girl in crisis stepped up and helped her,” Minneapolis Police Dept. spokesperson John Elder told KARE.

“They trusted the officers enough to get them, to bring them into this situation to provide aid.”

The little girl told officers that a man had followed her onto the elevator, and then into the third floor hallway. He asked her name, extended his hand to her and asked her to shake hands. The girl told police that the man then refused to let go, ordered her to turn around, pull down her tights and at that point sexually assaulted her.


Via: Star Tribune

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