The Chanhassen Dinner Theater in Minnesota has completely scuttled its planned production of Rogers and Hammerstein’s classic “Cinderella” despite much of the production and casting already being complete.

The Chanhassen theater, which has likely been shut down more or less for a year due to governmental restrictions.  Does scrapping a production and shunning white people while embracing Marxist critical race theory really sound like the solution that will keep this theater solvent?   They seem to have suddenly embraced the idea that virtue signaling and Marxist critical race theory is much more important than telling a good story that people actually want to see at a reasonable price.

The same authoritarian doublespeak buzzwords of ‘diversity,’ ‘equity’  and ‘inclusion’ and ‘anti-racism” appear up in artistic director Michale Brandisi’s woke announcement that you would see in any new racist pamphlet from the Smithsonian or new racist mathematics texts from Bill Gates or pamphlets on evil white identities being taught to children across America, today.

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If you would like to contact the ‘anti-racist’ theater and cancel your tickets or voice your displeasure (civilly) with their new Marxist racist anti-white policy changes, you can find their contact information, here.

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press Reports:

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“The company announced the news Monday, citing its “ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. … Our hope in beginning the production process again with a new title will allow us to put into practice an intentional process based on the work we have been doing towards equity and inclusivity.”


In an interview, artistic director Michael Brindisi said the decision had nothing to do with the show’s content and that he’s not ruling out staging “Cinderella” at some point in the future.

The show came into question after Brindisi looked at the cast.

“It was 98 percent white,” he said. “That doesn’t work with what we’re saying we’re going to do.””

What Brandis fails to mention is that the city of Chanhassen happens to be 92% white, with only 1% black and 3% Hispanic.  So, a cast made up of 98% white people is pretty reasonable, regardless of your thoughts on Marxist critical race theory that Brandisi is peddling to his patrons.  Brandisi and his new diversity consultant, Kelli Foster Warder want to make sure they are ‘diversity conscious’ when casting and hiring, rather than meritorious.  But, how many minorities are clamoring to live in Chanhassen, Minnesota?  Regardless of how many actually want to live in the frozen outskirt suburbs of Minneapolis, it is certain that Joe Biden will ship them some post-haste in order to alter the voting demographic of the state.

“Brindisi considered recasting, but ultimately decided to “scrap this and start fresh with a clean slate.” Some of the actors were disappointed, he said, “but every one to a person said they got it and that they respected the very hard decision we had to make.”

The move comes at a time when CDT — and theaters across the country — are looking to add diversity, both on stage and off.

After the killing of George Floyd last summer, Brindisi said he realized it was time to “change our culture and make us more diverse and more equitable as a company. We’ve really dug in on diversity, equity and inclusion, the commitment to social justice and getting more diversity into our business across the board.”

To help foster those moves, CDT hired a diversity consultant, Kelli Foster Warder, who devised a plan to address changes in how the theater operates in the future.

“We wanted to meet it head on,” Brindisi said. “We need to fix things and we’re going to do just that.”

But Brandisi isn’t just concerned with making race the defining factor in his stage productions and business.  He has also become a virtue signaling extremist in his personal life, as well:

“These changes, he said, aren’t just limited to the theater.

“I’ve taken on some specific things in my personal life and some longtime issues I’ve had with family members. I’ve confronted some things that I haven’t confronted before. I’m on a journey to find out where I can be a better person and even an activist and ally.””

CDT had announced “Cinderella” as the follow-up to its production of “The Music Man.” But the pandemic forced the company to shut down the musical just a week after its premiere in March last year.

In February, CDT announced “The Music Man” would reopen July 2 at 50 percent capacity, assuming it meets both the COVID guidelines at the time and gains the approval of the actors’ union.

Several actors aren’t able to rejoin “The Music Man” in July and Brindisi said he’s looking to add more diversity to that show when he recasts the roles.

“Footloose” is likely to debut at some point in 2022.”

Isn’t it tone def and bizarre that a man and his production company are embracing the same authoritarian globalist Covid cancel culture destroying theaters and banning dance all over the country?  Footloose is a film and musical about a small primarily white town in which dancing is not allowed.

Are you eagerly anticipating its Brandisi retcon?

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