President Trump blasted Joe Biden in a statement today, calling him out for the multiple crises happening right now. The “mess” in Afghanistan, inflation, open borders, crime…

“Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken Border, Crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and taken advantage of by the entire world—DO YOU MISS ME YET?”

Since Biden pulled troops out of Afghanistan, the Taliban has been on the march taking over cities. Biden just sent 3k troops back into Afghanistan, but the Taliban is gaining steam and could take over Kabul before too long.

Of course, Biden said on Tuesday that he stands by his decision to withdraw troops and claimed the Afghan leaders need to come together and fight against the Taliban surge.

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This comes as a new Fox News Poll reports nearly 80 percent of Americans blame Biden for inflation:

A new poll says that the vast majority of Americans say surging grocery and household goods prices are causing them financial hardship, and nearly 80 percent blame the Biden administration’s economic policies.

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According to the Fox News poll released Wednesday, about 70 percent of Americans say the national economy is in bad shape, and the majority — 86 percent — are concerned about inflation.

Of those polled, 86 percent blame the COVID-19 pandemic for increasing prices, and 79 percent blame the Biden administration’s economic policies.

This all comes as Biden spent two days working in DC and is now on vacation at Camp David. Pray for our Nation!


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