How long will it take for Obama’s Army to descend on Mississippi? Black Lives Matter is far from a spontaneous movement. Obama and his race hustler friends have been working towards this goal for decades. It’s really quite sad to see the racial divide in America today. College kids are being indoctrinated into thinking White=bad and Black=victim. How can this possibly be a good thing for our nation?

Obama has made no secret about wanting to take America down a few notches, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that by dividing our nation by race, ethnicity, gender and income, we will never be able to come together when faced with a crisis. Make no mistake about it, with all of the un-vetted “refugees'” we’re bringing to America, all of the illegals we’re allowing to flood across our borders, and all of the dangerous prisoners (including Gitmo) Obama is releasing from our prisons, we WILL be faced with a crisis before Obama leaves office. January 2017 can’t come fast enough…  

 “A house divided against itself cannot stand” -Abraham Lincoln

UPDATE Friday: Bryant spokesman Clay Chandler tweeted an updated Proclamations page, which now includes Confederate Heritage Day, as well as Vernon Dahmer Day, Irish Heritage Month and Ronald Reagan Day—but no Black History Month.

Two weeks before the Mississippi Legislature allowed 19 state flag bills to die in committee, Gov. Phil Bryant took out a pen and signed an official governor’s proclamation, declaring the month of April “Confederate Heritage Month,” a routine occurrence in Mississippi and several other southern states.

The proclamation, which does not appear on the State of Mississippi’s website with other proclamations, such as about emergency inclement weather, is posted on the website of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which is ferociously against changing the Mississippi flag to remove the Confederate battle flag—which supporters like to call the “Beauregard flag”—from its canton.

On Bryant’s gubernatorial letterhead, the proclamation starts out by explaining that April is the appropriate month to honor Confederate heritage because it “is the month in which the Confederate States began and ended a four-year struggle.” It adds that the state celebrates Confederate Memorial Day on April 25 to “recognize those who served in the Confederacy.”

It then explains that it is “important for all Americans to reflect upon our nation’s past” and “to gain insight from our mistakes and successes,” adding that we must “earnestly strive to understand and appreciate our heritage and our opportunities which lie before us.”

Bryant refuses to take a position on changing the Mississippi flag, saying it should be up to the voters, who decided in 2001 to leave the old flag in place, in a vote that fell largely along racial lines.

For entire story: Jackson Free Press



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