Meet Valentina Gomez.

She is America First.

She is MAGA.

And she’s an all around badass.

Oh, and she has the best campaign slogan I’ve heard in a long time:  “Don’t be weak and gay!”

In the pantheon of great slogans like “Make America Great Again”, I have to say that “Don’t be weak and gay” is an incredible slogan.

This woman knows what she is going and she does it very well!

To be fair, the slogan is slightly longer than those five words.  The full version is “In America, you can be anything!  So don’t be weak and gay”.

Spot on.

And she often delivers the slogan while out on a run, or working out, or shooting guns.

Check this out:

And here:

Valentina Gomez is a Republican candidate for the Missouri Secretary of State, running on a platform that emphasizes economic growth, election integrity, and the protection of traditional values. Born in Colombia, she immigrated to the United States with her family in search of a better life, safety, progress, and hope. At 24, she is a real estate investor, financier, strategist, and a former NCAA Division I swimmer. She holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Tulane University. Gomez is a fierce advocate for the principles and values that resonate with the American people, battling against a corrupt political machine.

Gomez’s campaign began with a focus on economic development, job creation, and defending Missouri’s values. She is determined to protect the state’s prosperity and defend the people’s interests. Her major themes include:

  1. Economic Growth: Gomez aims to stimulate economic growth by advocating for policies that incentivize investment, reduce red tape, and remove income tax. She also wants to sell what Missouri has to offer to the world.

  2. Election Integrity: Gomez plans to restore public confidence in election integrity by decentralizing voting accessibility to the elderly and rural areas, while prioritizing civic education and involvement across the state.

  3. Protection of Values: Gomez is a strong advocate for protecting children from what she perceives as the “transgender agenda,” aiming to shield them from physical and emotional scars.

Gomez has made a significant impact on social media with her campaign videos, which have garnered millions of views. Her messaging is characterized by a commitment to American values and a promise to stand against injustice, defend the state’s values, and create a future filled with opportunities and safety for all Missourians.

She also hangs out with Dana White:

When facing criticism from the far-left over her slogan, she brushes it off and makes a new video claiming “I pissed off a bunch of weak and gay people”.

Absolutely classic, I love this lady!

I wasn’t sure it was possible to get a classy, America-First, MAGA woman tougher than Kari Lake, but we might have one on our hands!

Why does she say don’t be weak (and gay)?

Because it’s as old as time: Weak Men Create Hard Times:


She is MAGA to the core as best I can tell:

When some artist I have never heard of sent her a Cease and Desist letter for using their song in one of her campaign ads, she responded by calling them Weak and Gay and claiming she made them relevant again.

Absolutely fire, this lady:

And she didn’t back off it either when she was interviewed:

My only question is why is this woman only running for Secretary of State?

I think we need her in higher up places!

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