It was open mic day at Black Lives Matter protest in London, where a mixed-race activist took her turn at the microphone to condemn mixed-race parents for their racist behavior.

“For those of you who have a mixed-race kid, I hope you realize that doesn’t automatically make you an anti-racist. In fact, you’re doing just the opposite. You’re first of all objectifying and fetishizing, someone like me, and what you’re fetishizing is a whitewashed blackness. You’re saying that’s okay, or that’s trendy,” she says.

“Well, I am not your f–king trend!” she tells the crowd.

Cheers can be heard.

The BLM activist then makes it clear that the most important thing about her is not her character, but instead, the color of her skin, “This skin of mine is my whole life!” She warned white people about making mixed-race babies, “You’re saying that a little bit of blackness is okay, but more than that, it’s not the cute kid you were thinking of.” She continued with her warning to white people like her parent who created a mixed-race baby, “Also, you can’t necessarily control how dark your child will be, cuz your child may turn out much more dark skin than you were expecting. And what do you do then? Then, when  your child receives intensified racism and you don’t know how to support them or how to care for their hair.”

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“You see how f–ked up that is?” she asks.

The mixed-race woman then passes the microphone to a black trans man who shares a message of love.


What a lovely child.

Her white parent must be so proud.

Does anyone else see shades of Barack Obama and his clear disdain for white people?

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