Our hero of the month award goes to MMA fighter Jason Shields….

Opposing views and beliefs has much of this country in a heated feud. With Donald Trump being recently inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America, citizens have been going to war with one another with their polar points of view.

On Wednesday, Milo Yiannopoulos, a strong right-wing social figure, was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley. However, protests that grew into violence between members of opposing sides broke out causing Yiannopoulos’ speech to be canceled.

In the midst of the violence being carried out in the area, Jake Shields was present and apparently helped a man from being severely beaten. –BjPenn

Watch MMA fighter Jason Shields embarrass the cowards with their faces covered who were part of the mob of 20 men from a domestic terror group, that identifies with an anti-fascist movement, severely beating an innocent man attending Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech.

Following Shield’s brave act that could have saved the life of an innocent man being attacked by 20 cowards, one of the “anti-fascists” involved in beating walks up to Shields to ask if he’s okay?

Shields tells the cowards in the masks: “There’s no f*cking reason (to have beaten this man).”Dude, you guys have your faces covered, you’re attacking people, you’re being f**king fascists. Look at you guys. You’re f*cking embarrassing. “You don’t let 20 people jump a man. It’s not okay!” 

“The coward in the mask answers:“There’s a f*cking Nazi thing at the University, that why everybody’s here.”

Shields responds: “What Nazi thing? Who’s a Nazi? The Jew guy that was speaking? The gay Jew?”

Coward in mask responds: “He’s not a Jew, he’s Greek!”

The idiocy of these violent people just looking for a fight can pretty much be summed up with that one completely uneducated sentence. These freaks are apparently there protesting a “Nazi,” yet have no idea what a Nazi is or that when you say someone is “Jewish,” you are speaking about their religion and not their nationality.


Shields tweeted, “it was sad to watch 20 people beat a man with no one helping.” 

Major kudos to the brave and valiant Jason Shields

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