A tanker truck driver was brutally beaten by a mob of angry protesters when he drove up to a massive crowd of protesters blocking a highway in Minneapolis, MN.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the incident-

It is unclear if the driver knew they would be there, or how he got through — but seeing as how he stopped, it is unlikely that he knew what he was approaching.

This is why blocking highways is stupid and dangerous. Don’t play in the street if you don’t want to become roadkill.

The rioters, who have been causing terror and mayhem across the country for days, parted like the Red Sea as the truck barreled towards them.

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Here’s a close-up shot of the driver being dragged from his truck and brutally beaten by the angry crowd.

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Shades of LA riots with the brutal beating of truck driver Reginald Denny all over again…



When will this madness end? Do cities and states have enough law enforcement to stop this violence? What happens in cities and states like Minnesota, where Democrat mayors and governors are sympathetic to the violent rioters?

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