Minnesota Senator and Doctor Scott Jensen was interviewed by Fox News host Laura Ingraham telling her that the number of coronavirus deaths is inaccurate and inflated. He says he received a seven-page document from the Minnesota Department of Health on how doctors should go about filling out a cause of death certificate. The document takes you to the CDC website that tells you how to include coronavirus as a diagnosis for someone who was never tested for coronavirus.

Jensen said in an interview with Valley News Live: “I know that I’ve talked with nursing staff who have been involved with people who have passed away that either had living wills or were on hospice care and in some of those situations, I’ve been led to believe that there may have been a COVID-19 diagnosis included on the death certificate document without having had a COVID-19 confirmed laboratory test.”

Dr. Jensen discounts comments from Dr. Fauci who calls the theory of inflated deaths a conspiracy:

Dr. Scott Jensen is on Fox arguing that he would never list COVID-19 as the cause of death for a patient, the same way he wouldn’t list influenza and that doctors who do so are doing it for “convenience.”

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Dr. Jensen was interviewed by his local news and told the shocked news anchor Scott Berg that he received a 7-page document instructing him on how to claim the cause of death is from coronavirus:

The bigger question is whether every state received this document.

A clip from the interview is also on YouTube:

Is this for money, or is this there a concerted effort to inflate numbers for political reasons?

“Well, fear is a great way to control people.” – Dr. Scott Jensen

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