Minnesota resident Elisa Sarmento is furious, and for good reason! Sarmento, who claims she moved from Florida to Minnesota five years ago,  took to Twitter on November 8th to ask someone to help her get a copy of a Florida absentee ballot she received in the mail from the office of Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes.

Sarmento tweeted: Could someone get me direct number to our President so I can send him this info, please? I received months back an official ballot to vote in Broward County when I moved to Minnesota a while ago!


Conservative activist Scott Presler tweeted a message about his “friend” Elisa, that included photos of the absentee ballot she never requested along with a message to his massive audience to help him make her ballot go viral.

Presler tweeted: My friend moved to Minnesota from Broward County FIVE years ago. They sent her a Florida ballot in the mail. Please retweet this & make this go viral.

Again, on November 9th, Sarmento tweeted about how she never requested an absentee ballot from Florida, but got one in the mail anyhow: I never sent this ballot back to Broward County because I know it’s illegal to vote in 2 states. However, if I never requested this ballot to be sent to me, why in the world would I receive one?


Sarmento said she never requested the ballot…


Sarmento wasn’t too pleased with the apathy from the Republican Party and spoke out in a tweet:


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