“Moderate” Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard was asked by Fox News host Bill Hemmer what she thought of her Democrat opponent, Pete Buttigieg’s tweet about the Ukraine commercial airliner shot down by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard? that read: “Innocent civilians are now dead because they were caught in the middle of an unnecessary and unwanted tit for tat.”

Fox News’ America’s Newsroom host explained to Gabbard that Pete Buttigieg had come under “a lot of heat” for his comments about the commercial airliner, and asked Gabbard if she agreed with him? Gabbard, without any evidence, accused President Trump and his administration of not having “foresight” or understanding the “consequences of  going to war with Iran.” Gabbard then accused President Trump and his administration of not understanding the responsibility they have.

Bill Hemmer asked Gabbard to clarify, asking, “Do I read that right? Are  you agreeing with Buttigieg on that comment, based on that answer there?” Gabbard responded, “My point is, that this is a very unfortunate consequence of this escalation of war.”

“But it was Iran that owned the anti-aircraft missiles,” Hemmer reminded her, adding, “It was their system.” Gabbard, who appeared to be uncomfortable, responded, asking Hemmer, “Are you implying that this did this intentionally?” “I did not say that at all,” Hemmer replied, adding, “The inference here is that Iran is responsible for this.” Gabbard, shaking her head, doubled down on blaming the US for shooting down the commercial airliner, telling Hemmer, “No, no. This is the consequence of this escalation of war.”

For everyone who thought Tulsi Gabbard is a different kind of Democrat, this video proves she’s nothing more than a typical partisan hack who would blame the United States for Iran shooting down a commercial airliner as a way to score political points against President Trump.


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