Our world has literally gone nuts!

People are losing their common sense, and in the process, they’re losing their humanity.

A Tik Tok video circulating on social media claims an American Airlines flight attendant named Carl reportedly kicked a young mother and her 2-yr-old son with asthma off their flight because the mom couldn’t keep a face mask on her baby’s face.

In the video below, posted by conservative citizen journalists Robby Starbuck, the young mother can be seen struggling to keep a mask on her little boy’s face. In the next video segment, the mom and the little boy are leaving the flight and are greeted by 3 uniformed police officers as they exit the plane.

In the final clip of the Tik Tok video, a comment allegedly sent to Carl can be seen from a passenger, thanking him for “bravery” in removing the “monster off the plane.”


Why are 2-year-old babies being forced to wear masks on flights?

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