On Friday, Wisconsin Democratic leader Janet Bewley was involved in a horrific car accident that left two people dead, a 27-year-old woman and her 5-year-old daughter.

Bewley, 70, had undergone cataract eye surgery the day before the crash and was on the phone doing an interview at the time of the collision.

Wisconsin Senate Democratic Minority Leader, Janet Bewley

At 12:30 p.m.. Bewley pulled out of the Maslowski beach parking lot in Ashland, Wisconsin, and drove straight into the path of an oncoming vehicle, driven by 27-year-old Alyssa Ortman. After the initial collision, Ortman’s vehicle spun across the highway and was hit a second time by another vehicle, according to the Ashland Police Department.

Ortman, a mother from Pennsylvania was in the car with her daughter Khaleesi (Khali), 5, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Ortman was transported to a nearby hospital where she ultimately died from her injuries.

Aftermath of the fatal collision

Bewley did not suffer any serious injuries in the collision.

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Now, Khali’s father, Brandon Fink, is calling for justice for his lost loved ones. Fink put Bewley on blast for failing to reach out to him after the fatal crash, saying, “Her nor no one from her team or people have reached out to me or said sorry or offered to help. I want this to be known how meaningless her killing my family is to her.”

Bewley, who has yet to reach out to the family of those who were killed, had her office issue a statement regarding the incident:

“This is a heartbreaking event for the community. Our thoughts and prayers are focused on the individuals involved, their families and their loved ones. Senator Bewley, who was not seriously injured in the accident, wants to thank all the dedicated law enforcement and emergency medical personnel who helped in the aftermath of the accident.”

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The mourning father has insisted that the politician must be treated like “anyone else,” and not receive special treatment because of her political position.

“I found out a Senator killed my baby and they might not even press charges even though she was on the phone during the accident,” Fink said to the Daily Mail. “And just had cataract surgery the day before. I’m furious and want this Senator to come to justice and pay for what she did like anyone else would have to.”

“She shouldn’t get away with this,” Fink added.

Brandon Fink with Alyssa Ortman and daughter Khali

In a heartbreaking tribute to his daughter, Fink wrote,

“You lit up my life and gave me an ambition and drive I didn’t know was possible.

No matter what we just giggled out way through.. my life feels so empty without these giggles.

Nothing will make this ok. Nothing will make me feel better and no I don’t need anything.

I was supposed to get my daughter home here, at her house and be hearing silly stories about vacation… instead I got calls from the funeral home… I turn on the Switch and a game of Mario Smash bros pops up mid battle that I will never get let you win.

I see the purse you got from Aunt Annie, half colored that you’ll never get to complete… and I see our Daddy Pig painting half finished that you will never get to complete and sit beside the Peppa Painting we did together so we’d have the Daddy and Daughter Pig.”

Khali was getting ready to start kindergarten this fall.


Fink is not the only family member whose life has been destroyed by this crash. For Alyssa’s mother, Ginger Urbanik, this is the second child she has lost.

In October of 2020, Urbanik lost her other child, Chris, to a drunk driver who swerved into the wrong lane. Now, while still mourning the loss of her first child, she must face the incredible pain of burying her other child and granddaughter.

“My grandbaby, who was just starting out, just getting ready to start kindergarten — her life’s gone,” said Urbanik in an interview. “And my daughter, who had so much to look forward to, and so much that she wanted to do good in the world, and all of her plans … and now both of our children, within a matter of years, are gone.”

“Our only two children… we’re going to suffer for the rest of our lives.”

Urbanik, like Fink, fears that Senator Bewley won’t be held fully accountable due to her high-ranking political position – should the investigation reveal that she caused the fatal collision.

“It wouldn’t be any different whether it was a senator or if it was just any person who caused this accident,” she said. “I would still want that person to be held responsible for the lives that have been lost. Not just the lives that have been lost because her suffering in this world is over. But our suffering goes on forever.”

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