“I would be foolish to stand here and say this is definitely not connected to terrorism” – Sheriff Nocco

A ‘possible terrorism’ investigation is underway after a tense standoff between Pasco, Florida police and a 21-year old man living with his parents.

The local fire-rescue was called because the man’s father was unresponsive possibly due to the fumes from bomb-making material.

Emergency medical technicians took the man to a local hospital.

When deputies arrived to talk to the wife, they noticed suspicious materials in the bedroom of their 21-year-old son, Sherif Elganainy.

When the deputies went to take the son into custody, he attacked the deputies and a violent fight broke out. One of the deputies suffered a broken bone in his hand and the other deputy received a blow to the head before the suspect was taken down.

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The concern then turned to the materials in the suspect’s room.

“There are materials in there that give us concern,” Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “His actions, statements that he’s made, previous things that have occurred in this house that have now been reported today to us, give us a lot of concern.”

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The Joint Terrorism Task Force and Hillsborough County Bomb Squad were also brought in on the case.

Sheriff Nocco says federal authorities and the bomb squad eventually entered the home and removed the materials for further analysis.



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