What a group of grifters these Clinton scammers are! Chelsea demands a huge speaking fee from a public university but what has she done to deserve anything near the $65,000 she asked for? Just like her mom, this grifter has no real accomplishments yet squeezes a speaking fee out of anyone and everyone who’ll pay. Disgusting!

Chelsea Clinton demanded $65,000 to make a 10-minute speech at a public university after they balked at her mother’s appearance fee, it has been revealed.

The University of Missouri at Kansas City was looking for a celebrity to open their women’s hall of fame in February 2014.
Their initial choice was former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

But when they were told how much it would cost – $275,000 – they turned it down and went to what they thought was the next best thing.

They paid $65,000 for the 35-year-old mother’s brief appearance on February 24 last year.
According to The Washington Post the former first daughter agreed to a deal where she would talk for just 10 minutes then take part in a 20-minute question and answer session.
She then reportedly spent 30 minutes posing for photographs with special guests and VIPs.
The Post said that she didn’t personally receive any of the fee, as it was directed to the Clinton Foundation.
Kamyl Bazbaz, Chelsea’s spokesman, told The Post: ‘Chelsea is grateful to have the opportunity to speak at events like this while also supporting the work of the Clinton Foundation.’


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