The citizens of Missoula, Montana are awake and aware of efforts to bring the refugee resettlement scam to their town. They don’t want to end up like cities across America that have been flooded with ‘refugees’ who’ve sucked the economy dry. YOU are paying for all the goodies they get when they arrive. Check out Amarillo, Texas and then you’ll understand why the people of Missoula want to put an end to refugee resettlement in their town:

Muslim “Ghettos”: Amarillo On Overload As Rival Muslim Tribes Flood This Texas Town

Missoula became a center of the anti-refugee settlement movement Monday morning as more than 100 people from across the state and Idaho took to the snow-lined sidewalk in front of the Missoula County Courthouse to decry what they see as a national threat.

“Right now, we’re locked in a battle to protect our security, to protect our country,” said organizer Jim Buterbaugh of Whitehall. “We are fighting the system, trying to head this thing off at the pass.”

“We have a problem with the people telling us that they can vet these refugees. They cannot be vetted. Our own FBI and our own Homeland Security tells us so.”

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