The whole premise of promoting education is such a crock. If Mooch wants to promote education then she should stay in the U.S. and go to the inner cities to send her message. It’s pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain that her trips to promote education are a front for lavish getaways for her kids and mom.

Michelle Obama’s trip to China last year ran taxpayers more than $360,000 on air transportation alone, according to records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force.

The First Lady, who was accompanied by her daughters and her mother, embarked on the trip in March 2014. Judicial Watch later filed a Freedom of Information Act Request for details on its costs June 19, 2014. More than a year later, they’ve finally obtained the records.

“According to the newly released records, the transportation costs for the seven-day trip to China were based on a flight cost of $11,092 per hour for the Obama family, and support personnel in a C-32A presidential aircraft,” Judicial Watch writes. “The $362,523.53 air travel expense tab for the Obama entourage was more than 225 times what the average American family spends on an entire week-long vacation.”

Judicial Watch notes that despite the trip being said to forward an education agenda, the Obama family also did their fair share of sightseeing.

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