Governments, to grocery stores, have promoted Covid 19 vaccines. However, only a handful will offer information on the vaccine’s side effects. In addition, a new issue is cropping up post-vaccine.
Medical researchers know that COVID-19 infections can affect the eyes. Seeing ocular changes following covid caused a team of researchers from both the United States and Egypt to study how COVID-19 vaccines may affect eyes. One adverse vaccine event that has been reported in the scientific literature is blindness and other damage to the eyes.

A medical journal named Vaccines published a study in September 2022 which concluded, “All subtypes of COVID-19 vaccines, including mRNA, viral vector, and inactivated viral vaccines, were associated with optic neuropathy.” It continued, “The temporal association between vaccine administration and the development of optic neuropathies in these cases makes a causal link plausible.”

One Twitter user talked about their son’s eye issues following the c-19 vaccine saying, “In my opinion, it caused my son to have blood clots in his left eye and ended with partial blindness in his left eye and concern he may lose sight in the other eye. The shot has side effects.


Another Twitter user mocked the portrayal of the c-19 shot as perfect due to the scientific and medical community refusing to acknowledge any adverse issues. Unfortunately, there is often a financial incentive for those doctors and researchers.

“Every pill commercial on TV: “Side effects may include vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, bleeding, rashes, blindness, hives, loss of bowel control, paralysis, and sudden death.”
“Covid vaccine ads: “All good. You and your kids should totally get this cool shot today!”


An ophthalmologist from Thailand who took the Chinese CoronaVac and Sinovac Biotech vaccine immediately experienced blurred vision after his second dose of the vaccine. His case study shows that he had no issues after the first dose, but within an hour of taking the second shot experienced blurred vision in both eyes, despite being completely healthy otherwise. The doctor was treated within hours and has made a full recovery. However, his situation drew attention, prompting scientists to conclude doctors need to be aware that possible eye problems could result from the vaccine.
Central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO) is a serious condition that can lead to blurred vision and other complications. In CRVO, the main vein that drains blood from the retina becomes partially or fully blocked. Cases of CRVO have occurred after the second dose of the CoviShield vaccine.

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