The big news this morning is the huge drop in unemployment.

Unemployment, in the midst of an economic recovery following one of the largest economic crises’ in America’s history has already fallen to an astounding 8.4%. Women, men, teenagers, African-American men, Asians, and Hispanics are all benefitting from Trump’s incredible economic recovery.

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Steve Guest of the RNC shared more details:

1.4 million jobs overall were added in August.

More than 10 million jobs were added back in the last 4 months.

Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway shared news to support Trump’s incredible  “v-shaped” economy, in spite of Democrat governor’s best efforts to keep our economy shut down over the COVID panic.

4th straight month of 1m + jobs added

2nd largest drop ever in unemployment for women

Unemployment rate fell for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans

Retail, leisure, construction, manufacturing jobs added

Kellyanne Conway mentions the drop in unemployment for Hispanic Americans but doesn’t mention the incredible job gain for Hispanic-Americans, a key demographic in the upcoming election.

Fox News Business analyst Charles Payne shared the incredible jobs numbers for Hispanic-Americans in a tweet:

“I don’t think you heard me…1,001,000 Hispanic Americans got jobs last month,” he tweeted.

Payne breaks down the astounding new jobs numbers in another tweet, where he mocks the media for ignoring the story of Trump’s incredible economic comeback, post-COVIDshutdown:

Jobs Report Highlights (stop me if you already heard in media)

Net Jobs in August (Household Survey) Black 367,000 Asian 187,000 Hispanic 1,001,000 We are in this together.

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