MSNBC host Joy Reid has been getting raked over the coals as of late, thanks in part to a series of old blog posts from her now defunct website.

The posts are being labeled as “homophobic” by many individuals and Reid has been doing her best to keep a lid on the fallout from their discovery attempting to play it off as if the posts were the result of a hack.

However, a series of tweets have been unearthed that feature Reid using sexual slurs against women and phrases many in the LGBTQ community consider to be transphobic.

The Daily Wire reports:

Old tweets from embattled MSNBC host Joy Reid show that she used transphobic slurs to attack Ann Coulter and made vile sexual comments attacking Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife.

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In a tweet from June 2010, Reid fat-shamed Rush Limbaugh, suggesting that he was gay, writing: “#Rush Limbaugh’s fourth marriage offers a hopeful message for fat, grimey closet-cases everywhere. Get rich. (Karl Rove, you’re on deck!)”

In a tweet from July 2010, Reid referred to Ann Coulter as a “shim,” writing: “‘@ricksanchezcnn: i’m going to interview ann coulter tonite , what do u want me to ask her?’ /don’t you mean ‘shim?'”

According to GLAAD, which is an LGBT rights organization, the term “shim” is a derogatory term that is used to “dehumanize transgender people and should not be used in mainstream media.”

In a tweet from November 2010, Reid said she loved an article about “Barack Obama’s Indonesian Tranny Nanny.”

In a tweet from February 2011, Reid referred to Ann Coulter as a Drag Queen, writing: “Sorry @Lawrence. I’m not gonna watch Ann Coulter. I like my drag queens fierce. Not a way to build ratings, my man.”

In a tweet from May 2011, Reid made a vile sexual comment about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, writing: “@dvnix and you know, when you combine Clarence Thomas, his history and his wife’s teabaging? Well that’s just gross. #throwingupnow”

That last tweet about SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife is absolutely disgusting to say the least. Can you imagine the outrage had a Republican news anchor made a comment like this about a liberal judge’s spouse?

There would be demands all across the media for said individual’s head to be on a platter.

At the end of the day, the party of inclusivity, of tolerance, is really just the party of hypocrisy, preaching at everyone else while neglecting to put their own principles into practice.

Folks would be demanding any news network that had a Republican using such terms to fire that host immediately. Will MSNBC remain consistent to their liberal values and hold their own accountable for their actions?

Or will they conveniently look the other way in order to protect one of their own?

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