On Wednesday, Todd Rokita, Indiana’s Attorney General, along with six other Attorney Generals, sent Target a letter indicating the retail giant may face upcoming legal consequences following its June LGBTQ+ displays.

The letter was addressed to Target’s CEO Brian Cornell and informed him that Target may have infringed on Indiana and other states’ child protection and parental rights laws. The letter reads:

Dear Mr. Cornell:

 As Attorneys General committed to enforcing our States’ child-protection and

parental-rights laws and our States’ economic interests as Target shareholders, we

are concerned by recent events involving the company’s “Pride” campaign. Our concerns entail the company’s promotion and sale of potentially harmful products to minors, related potential interference with parental authority in matters of sex and gender identity, and possible violation of fiduciary duties by the company’s directors and officers.

As the chief legal officers of our States, we are charged with enforcing state

laws protecting children and safeguarding parental rights. State child-protection


laws penalize the “sale or distribution . . . of obscene matter.” 1 A matter is considered

“obscene” if “the dominant theme of the matter . . . appeals to the prurient interest in

sex,” including “material harmful to minors.” 2 Indiana, as well as other states, have

passed laws to protect children from harmful content meant to sexualize them

and prohibit gender transitions of children.

In addition to confronting the company on its potential harm to children in using its displays to advocate sex and gender identity, the company was also warned that it had harmed its stockholders financially. Target shares dropped significantly in value as consumers pushed back on the store’s pride line and satanically influenced goods.

Social Media Influencer DC Draino posted a friendly reminder that Target was selling transgender children’s merchandise made by Abprallen. The designer added “Satan respects pronouns” to their apparel.

Abprallen’s merchandise also promotes graphic violence against those disagree with their sexual messaging. The design below features a barbaric guillotine implying that those considered “Homophobic” should have their heads cut off.

Attorneys Generals from Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and South Carolina all signed on to the reprimand but have not yet indicated what actions they plan to take as a result of Target’s displays. Their letter also addressed Target’s partnership with an organization that promotes children transitioning without parental consent or knowledge.
The letter addresses the concern that Target is sponsoring an organization that violates the law by undermining parental rights:
“In connection with its “Pride” campaign, Target provides financial support to
an organization called GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”). GLSEN furnishes resources to activists for the purpose of undermining parents’ constitutional and statutory rights by supporting “secret gender transitions for kids” and directing public schools to withhold “any information that may reveal a student’s gender identity to others, including [to] parents or guardians.”
The letter says the company has a financial responsibility to prudently manage the company in a way that looks after the best interest of its shareholders. It notes that the company is acting outside of the law when it “dilute(s) their fiduciary duties to satisfy the Board’s (or left-wing activists’) desires to foist contentious social or political agendas upon families and children at the expense of the company’s hard-won good will and against its best interests.”
Fortunately, a handful of morally-informed Attorney Generals are unwilling to sit back while companies use their platforms to sexualize children.





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