Vice President Kamala Harris is no stranger to making ridiculous gaffes during interviews and on television.

Today, she may have made her worst one yet as she gave away Democrats’ motivation for being pro-abortion.

As Democrats continue to focus on environmental issues more, they have made an anti-natalist argument for why people should have less children so that they don’t negatively affect the environment.

Globalist French President Emmanuel Macron, one of the top environmentalist leaders, mocked women who decided to have large families.

“I always say: ‘Please present me the lady who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight, nine children.” He said in 2019.

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Today, Vice President Kamala Harris took a crack at the issue by acting as if it is a problem that women in America are getting pregnant.

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“To put it in law, there may be litigation but we will be in a much better position, than to not do that.  Now listen, women are getting pregnant every day in America.  This is a real issue and we need to act with a sense of haste, about what is at play, what is at stake, and codifying Roe will be an important moment in terms of putting back in place protections for the folks who are at risk right now because of what the court did in Dobbs just weeks ago” Harris said when discussing a law that would codify Roe v Wade protections.

It comes as no surprise that parents with children under the age of 18 support Republicans by a shocking 28 percent margin, according to an Arizona Politics poll.

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