Gaslighting, lying, neglect of misconduct reports, threatening behavior in meetings, lack of inclusion, lack of recognition from mid and upper management…

What is it with the left? Obviously when you have no morals and no standards you have no shame. But seriously, their lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy along with their sycophantic slobbering media accomplices’ utter refusal to acknowledge it is getting old. Real old.

Recently, disgruntled former employees of the Wikimedia Foundation which owns Wikipedia, have come forward to report on workplace abuses suffered at the hands of higher-ups at the faux information website. Breitbart reported the abuse last week which has now prompted others to come forward to voice their own experiences. Many of the new accusations echo those previously leveled against the Foundation. Complaints range from accusing management of bullying, lying, neglect, and misconduct as well as anti-union retaliation. According to Breitbart, ‘one former staffer alleged departing employees often are pushed to sign non-disclosure agreements.’ Apparently, in light of all the accusations of abuse, the practice is suddenly starting to make sense.

Breitbart reports:

Last month, former Wikimedia Foundation staffer James Hare published a statement regarding his experience working at the Foundation and alleged that he was often mocked and ridiculed in connection with his autism by high-level management, leaving him with post-traumatic stress. In response, several former staff came forward with their own allegations of mistreatment. The former staff claimed complaints about their own mistreatment or efforts to reform the Foundation’s practices, such as attempts to organize a staff union, had prompted retaliation from management.

The left, always accusing conservatives of mistreatment and intolerance (real or imagined), have yet to get their own house in order.


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