Dow Chemical’s’ CEO Andrew Liveris has been selected by Trump to head up his Manufacturing Council. He spoke yesterday in my home state of MI to a packed crowd of Trump supporters. 

While he was speaking, he made a welcome announcement to the crowd of Michiganders:

“We’ve made a decision. We’re going to announce a state-of-the-art innovation center in Michigan. We’re going to put an R&D Center in place. This decision is because of this man and these policies. We could have waited. We could have put it anywhere in the world. Several hundred jobs on top of the thousands. We are not waiting. We are going ahead. We are going to use American hard work and American brains and we’re going to fight for the Dow company out of the USA.”

“I tingle with pride listening to you. To honor me to help you chair American Manufacturing Council. To put in place the investments that you talk about. You’re paving the way with your administration with your policies to make it easier to do business in this country. Not a ‘red tape’ country but a ‘red carpet’ country for American businesses. America first, as you said. That’s what we have to do. And you can count on me and the business leaders that we’ll put on this team. This will be America’s finest and brightest to help us solve these problems that you all have. We need to employ our youth. We need to help all of our citizens. We need to give you hope. We need to find a way back. To believe in ourselves again.”

“I bleed America…and I bleed Michigan.”

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