Devin Nunes revealed today to Maria Bartiromo how he plans to get the FISA documents released.

Bartiromo asks Nunes what he is going to be calling for in 2019.

Nunes announces the creation of an office of transparency so the president doesn’t have to deal with so much to get things unclassified. We need to make sure “there’s light”..”.the more transparency, the better”.

Nunes says they need to make sure that “Congress has somewhere where we can go to try to avoid the swamp creatures from getting involved and ensuring that the American public is kept in the dark.

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Nunes makes the point that this investigation needs to end because “it’s destroying America”.

He says that 40% of Americans believe there was collusion within the Trump campaign when there was none.

Nunes brings up the Clinton investigation and how he thinks nothing will be done about it. On the other hand, the feds are going through Trump’s private information with a fine tooth comb.

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