On Friday over 300 Central American migrants were found packed in trailers that were transporting them to the U.S.-Mexican border, and 114 of them are unaccompanied minors. This is just another among many surfacing stories highlighting the crisis that is unfolding at the border.

Today it has been reported that about 1,000 minors have been held at the US Customs and Border Protection facilities for more than 10 days, despite the legal time limit for holding minors is only 72 hours. Due to the inundation of immigrants flooding the border, there are not enough available resources to properly place these minors into protective care since we have never before dealt with this magnitude of a border crisis.

These immigrants are surging the border at this unprecedented rate due to their belief that Biden will welcome them into the U.S. without question. The video below shows the hope and trust in Biden that has been falsely instilled in these immigrants.

It is upsetting that these immigrants are rushing to the border under the false promises that Biden had made prior to his presidency. Now, having realized that we do not have the resources or infrastructure in place to realistically take on this many migrants, he is backtracking and leaving a lot of hopeful immigrants to fend for themselves.




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