Scum of the earth. These few examples we’re stumbling across. How many more cases of voter fraud have already been committed by Hillary supporters who are truly afraid of losing to Trump on November 8th? 

Trump was attacked during a rally in Reno, NV yesterday. The name of the attacker, Austyn Crites was released pretty quickly.

Watch the attack here at the 5 minute mark:

Trump supporters beat the sh*t out of Crites. Some people are concerned it was not justified since he didn’t have the gun some claimed he was carrying.

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Based on evidence on Austyn Crites we now know:

** Crites very possibly harassed Trump at a prior rally
** His Facebook page was recently set up
** Crites carried a sign denigrating Trump
** Crites incited violence and emotional abuse
** Crites is mentioned in Wikileaks
** Crites is a Hillary supporter

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Austin Crites address has his DEAD GRANDMOTHER VOTING!


Here is the Twitter account who exposed this fraud:

And then there’s this list interesting bit of information on the Trump attacker:

Via: Gateway Pundit

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