A JOINT MISSION BETWEEN AMERICA AND IRAQ was very successful after five senior leaders of ISIS were captured. It’s been a different game since President Trump came into office. The rules of engagement for our military changed. This was huge! Our military has gobbled up the ISIS territory like never before. This capture is the latest defeat for the extremist group, which has lost nearly all the territory it once held in Iraq and Syria.

PICTURED BELOW: Iraqi state television broadcast images of four of the men arrested in the operation.

CBS News reports:

The ISIS commanders’ confessions were broadcast on Iraqi television this morning.

One by one, men in yellow jumpsuits and handcuffs admitted to being top ISIS leaders.

Their capture was the result of an elaborate intelligence operation run by Iraq and the U.S.

First came the capture of Ismail al-Eithawi, described as a close aide to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

U.S. and Iraqi forces then used an app on Eithawi’s mobile phone to lure the other men across the Syrian border and into Iraq where they were arrested.

The Iraqi government said information gather during interrogations led to an air strike it claims killed another 40 ISIS terrorists.

“These guys … have an understanding of what’s happened to ISIS post-caliphate, where the senior leaders are in general … what their plans might be for going forward,” former acting director of the CIA and CBS News senior national security contributor Michael Morrell said.

U.S. officials say ISIS leadership has been decimated through airstrikes and ground operations. But al-Baghdadi is believed to still be operating on the border between Syria and Iraq.

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