Oh Boy! Claire McCaskill and Joe Scarborough went at it today during a discussion on tonight’s debate and whether Joe Biden desperately needs to have a good night. The discussion is very telling in that it exposes the worry that the Democrats have about their frontrunner. No matter what Claire McCaskill says, the heat is on Biden tonight.

Scarborough began by saying:

“Every Democrat I know that is desperate for Donald Trump to be beaten is worried about Joe Biden. Worried that Joe Biden’s not up to it, worried that Joe Biden is too old, worried that Joe Biden commits too many gaffes, worried this, worried that. It’s all you hear.”

“Right now the overriding fear is Joe Biden is not up to the task of running for president, and for weeks people have been talking about this third debate. It is critical that Joe Biden hits his marks and that he doesn’t just sort of trail off on answers and say, ‘My time’s run out.'”

Scarborough then asked McCaskill if she felt he was overstating the fact that Biden needs to do well in tonight’s debate.

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McCaskill fell right into Scarborough’s trap by saying Scarborough is overstating the need for Biden to do well.

Scarborough jumped on McCaskill saying we can’t let you “shovel BS around our set…”:

“No, I’m not. No, no, no, Claire, listen, I know you were a highly respected person in the Democratic Party, but we can’t let you, like, shovel B.S. around on our set, because everybody’s saying it.”

McCaskill begins at the 3:15 mark:

It’s laughable that McCaskill goes on to say that the gaffes from Biden are just Joe being Joe and that people find it appealing. Huh?



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