The push toward exposing children to graphic sexual behavior has intensified over the past few years as schools and libraries try to normalize the trend. Some parents are naively welcoming these events into their communities without concern for the harm to their kids. One library director interviewed by The Federalist said it was about acceptance, not sex.

“This is not a program about sexual behaviors,” Glen Carbon Library Director Christine Gerrish told The Federalist in a phone interview about the drag events. “These are programs about accepting people who are different and overcoming stereotypes.”

When Gerrish was asked if the drag queens have to undergo safety checks, she replied,

“We do not background check or anything like that for any of our performers; very few libraries do.”

A recent drag show was open to “all ages,” with children lining the front row. Sadly, one child who attended and was exposed to this leftist sexual grooming technique attempted to hand the drag queen a cash tip.


These “drag queen story hours” feature children and babies tucking money in cross-dressers’ skimpy clothing and learning to pole dance.

group of pastors across the United States has worked together to push back, hoping to stop these harmful events aimed at sexualizing children. Illinois Pastor Heath Curtis said he was stunned when the library in his small town began bringing in drag performers,

“Each child deserves the protection and care not only of his parents, but also of the community at large, and it is simply evil to expose children to sexually explicit themes,” he said.

Curtis joined a group of pastors in his community to protest the events. They also released a statement,

“Inviting a drag queen to perform for children is intended to introduce children to sexually explicit themes. In the words of the Illinois statute, it is ‘prurient.’ It is contrary to common sense, natural law, and all that is good and holy…our communities deserve better from their public servants. We strive to make our churches places of refuge from a world gone mad.”

Curtis also expressed a desire to see more Christians come together across denominations to protect the innocence of children, pointing toward the evil in public institutions that rely on tax dollars, being allowed to destabilize people’s identities.


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