On Saturday night, violence erupted on the streets in Washington D.C., as cowards from BLM and Antifa terror groups waited for Trump supporters to leave their massive March For Trump rally and head back to their vehicles or hotels. The domestic terror groups, filled with hatred violently waited like a pack of wild animals preying on the weakest victims. They attacked senior citizens, children, and even a mom pushing a stroller with kids inside while her other children walked next to her.

Democrats refer to BLM as “mostly peaceful,” while Joe Biden refers to Antifa as an “idea.”

One especially violent attack on a senior citizen was caught on camera by independent journalist Andy Ngo, who’s been following and recording the violence of Antifa for several years.  While it isn’t clear if the attackers are BLM terrorists or Antifa terrorists, it is clear that they were acting as a pack, and the Trump supporters who became their victims were seriously outnumbered, with no police presence around.

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Andy Ngo is now reporting that the Black Lives Matter (mostly peaceful) activist who sucker-punched the elderly man from behind has been arrested and is a registered child sex offender.

The Post Millennial – 39-year-old Kenneth Wayne DeBerry, of Washington, DC, was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct through inciting violence and being a felon in possession of a gun. When the Metropolitan Police Department took DeBerry into custody, officers found a handgun on him.

DeBerry was filmed in viral videos running up from behind an unidentified man and sucker punching him. The man collapsed on the ground unconscious while another anti-Trump protester kicked him. Another protester then stole his mobile phone.

DeBerry has a long criminal history. In 2008, he was convicted of second-degree child sexual abuse in the state of Virginia. He is a registered child sex offender and was released from federal prison earlier this year.

His social media is filled with comments showing support for BLM and he was holding a sign for Refuse Fascism during the assault.

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