What Catholic college campus would be complete without students who bastardize the lyrics to songs about the birth of Jesus Christ…

Tis the season to protest, apparently.

A group of Boston College student “activists” that go by “Eradicate Boston College Racism” recently perverted the Christmas carol “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” to fit its “Twelve Days of BC Racism campaign,” Boston.com reports.

The students distributed lyrics to their re-worked carol and attempted to deliver their rendition to the college’s board of trustees during a luncheon Friday, Dec. 5. Rejected, they resorted to singing in the atrium in front of the building.

“And now we carol for accountability!” the group posted to Twitter Dec. 4, along with a video of their stunt.

Here are the lyrics to the song that is being sung by a mostly white chorus:

Dear Trustees
Are you listenin’?
A real plan
You are missin’.
Until you agree,
And change we do see,
We’re walking through a white man’s wonderland.

Gone away, is our patience.
Here to stay: demonstration.
Deas tell us to trust
But we know we must
Keep walkin’ through a white man’s wonderland.

In your meeting you can do some planning,
Decide how you’ll get us to settle down.
If you say, “There’s no problem.”
We’ll say, “No, Man?
Try living on this campus
If you’re brown.”

More bad press
You’ll inspire
If reforms, you do mire
In mounds of red tape.
You’ll never escape.
You’re walkin’ through a white man’s wonderland.

“At the end of the demonstration, the members read a ‘wish list’ for the board, which asked that a faculty member of color, a staff member of color, and a student of color be added to the board and given voting power,” Boston.com reports.

Eradicate Boston College Racism’s webpage also detailed the confrontation.

“After being denied permission to address the Board directly, students sang anti-racist carols from outside the doors to the luncheon in Gasson Hall 100 and presented three demands: 1. One voting student of color on the board, one faculty, one staff; 2. An action plan to address institutional racism supported by a budget (similar to those created at Yale University or Brown University); and 3. The presentation of the plan by representatives of the University at a Town Hall on January 19th, 2016 (the deadline set forth previously by the Executive Council of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College),” according to the site.

No Leftist group in their right mind would ignore the incoming class of Freshman. Here, the Eradicate BC Racism group sends out a tweet in hopes of getting a jump on indoctrinating the young and malleable minds who’ve been accepted to this prestigious Catholic college:


The Left has managed to find a way to tie phony “climate change” to racism. What protest about “racism” would be complete without addressing “climate change?”

The racial justice warriors also posted a video and full text of a speech delivered by student Kwesi Aaron, as well as links to its other “Christmas” celebrations, including “BCPD is Comin’ to Town,” “Come All Ye Faithful,” “I’m Dreaming of Whiteness in Academia,” “We Wish You a Day of Raciam (sic) Healing & White Accountability,” “Have Yourself a Bureaucratic Christmas,” “Roasting Admissions on an Open Fire,” Leahy Baby, Slip a Present Under the Tree, For Me,” and “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Justice.”

Via: EAG News

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