There are mixed reports that the ‘mother of all caravans’ is heading our way in hopes of crossing into the U.S.

Once here, the asylum seekers are released to anywhere USA.

Videos of groups of illegals are popping up on social media. There is some dispute about the number in the caravan. President Trump is coming under fire for saying the caravan is up to 20 thousand when other reports have it at 10 thousand. The reason that it’s hard to estimate is that the illegals are now branching off into splinter groups to go undetected by authorities.

The caravan has even been described by Mexico’s Interior Secretary Olga Sanchez Cordero as “caravana madre.”

The splinter groups could come together as they get closer to our border, but for now, it’s smaller groups trying to go undetected:

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For example, one group of 300-400 is riding on the ‘beast’ train to avoid being caught by Mexican authorities, according to USA Today:

“They’re riding the train again, that’s a fact,” said Solalinde, who shelter now houses about 300 train-riding migrants. “It’s going to go back to the way it was; the (Mexican) government doesn’t want them to be seen. If the migrants move quietly like a stream of little ants, they’ll allow them to, but they are not going to allow them to move through Mexico publicly or massively” as they did with the large caravans that began in October.

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The Mexican government finally made a move to detain about 371 illegals:

A caravan group passes thru a city called Tapachula, in the state of Chiapas.

Now, the illegals are using alternate methods to splinter off so as not to be detected and caught.





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