CNN Anchor Carol Costello acts like she’s never heard about the lying that came from Hillary Clinton when Clinton told Patricia Smith that she’d get to the bottom of what happened to Mrs. Smith’s son in Benghazi. Was Ms. Costello unaware or was she playing dumb? We’ll probably never know but the press has been covering for the Obama administration on Benghazi since day one. The cover-up is real and it’s happening from the press on up to the White House. The bottom line is that Mrs. Smith is correct and screaming it from the rooftops as any mom would for their child. It’s so shameful and sad that once again politics comes before doing the right thing with Obama and Clinton. Both scumbags who left Americans to die in Benghazi…

The mother of Sean Smith, one of the four Americans killed at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya in 2012, exploded in response to a clip of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s prior testimony on the matter.

CNN Newsroom host Carol Costello was taken aback when Patricia Smith revealed in conversation that she actually didn’t know much about what happened to her son — despite the fact that the Benghazi attack occurred three years ago. Smith responded in kind, claiming that although Clinton promised to “get back to” her following her son’s funeral ceremony in Washington, D.C., no one had since contacted her on the matter.
“She has not called me. She has not contacted me. She has not given me any information,” she said, “except to tell me that I am not a member of the immediate family and I do not need to know.”

“They told you that?” an obviously surprised Costello asked.

As alarming at Smith’s claims were, however, she really let her feelings be known when Costello played a clip from Clinton’s testimony in January 2013. At the time, Clinton said that it was their job “to figure out what happened and do everything [they could] to prevent it from happening again.”

Smith’s response? “She’s lying! She’s absolutely lying!”


The frustrated, bereaved mother of Sean Smith went on to repeat her claim that — despite being the mother of the fallen diplomat — she wasn’t told anything after the funeral ceremony because they didn’t consider her a member of the immediate family.

“I saw on TV the bloody fingerprints on the walls over there. I asked specifically, ‘Are those my son’s fingerprints crawling down the walls?’” she cried. “Somebody’s got to tell me!”

Clinton previously spoke with Smith during a town hall event in June 2014. Despite the direct address, however, the grieving mother later expressed her frustration with Clinton and demanded the truth.

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