Another day, another story about how world leaders are attempting to shame, degrade, and segregate individuals who choose not to accept a COVID jab. It doesn’t matter who you are, or even if you have natural immunity, if you don’t get the jab…you must be punished.

Here is the shocking story of tennis star Novak Djokovic, an unvaccinated Serbian with natural immunity who, like the unvaccinated Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers (who also has natural immunity), is finding out first-hand how quickly the left will turn on you and ignore the incredible contributions you’ve made to your sport simply because you refuse to accept the politically correct jab.

Daily Mail reports – Djokovic, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, has garnered headlines in recent years for his stance on Covid vaccines that has enhanced his reputation as a polarizing figure.

He first spoke out against vaccination back in April 2020, when the first wave of Covid was spreading and before a jab had even been developed, to say he was not in favor of getting one.

Further controversy came in June when he hosted a Balkans tennis tournament with no mask-wearing or social distancing measures in place that led to several players – including himself – getting infected with Covid.

As vaccines were rolled out last year and travel rules relaxed for those who had taken the jab, Djokovic remained silent about his own status – leading many to suspect he had not been jabbed and would not be allowed to play at the Australian Open.


But come December, his name was announced on lists for both the Open and the warm-up ATP Cup – with Tennis Australia revealing earlier this month that he had been granted a medical exemption.

On Wednesday, after flying to Australia to defend his title at the Australian Open, the (unvaccinated) world-famous tennis player Novak Djokovic was locked down inside a hotel currently being used as a detention facility on the Australian border in Melbourne.

Jelena Djokovic Instagram photo

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed Djokovic was denied entry into Australia because of an issue with his visa.

The tennis star, who is currently being held inside a facility on the Australian border with asylum seekers and refugees, will be kept there until his hearing on Monday, where a final decision will be made about allowing the unvaccinated player to stay in Australia.

Prime Minister Morrison released a statement on Twitter that top-ranked tennis pro will no longer be granted entry into the country just days after receiving a medical exemption that would have allowed him to participate in the Grand Slam tournament.

Metro co.UK reports -The Australian Border Force claims Djokovic ‘failed to provide appropriate evidence to meet the entry requirements, and the Serb now faces the prospect of being deported.

But Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews has hit back, saying Djokovic can leave any time he wants and is staying of his own will while lawyers contest the border ruling. His case is due in court Monday.

‘Mr. Djokovic is not being held captive in Australia, he is free to leave at any time that he chooses to do so, and Border Force will actually facilitate that,’ she said.

She spoke as the blame game among Australian officials over the saga continued, with Victoria’s state premier today pointing the finger at tennis bosses.

Jacinta Allan, acting Victorian premier, has been under pressure because it was her state which granted Djokovic a medical exemption – believed to be on the grounds that he was previously infected with Covid because he is not currently vaccinated.

Victoria premier Jacinta Allan.

Allan said Tiley failed to inform her government that the exemption which qualified Djokovic to play in the tournament would not get him into the country.

According to her account, it was this failed communication which led Djokovic to board a flight to Australia believing he had been granted an exemption to enter the country – when in fact, he had not.

Ms. Allan said: ‘It is the Commonwealth government … that’s responsible for issuing visas and how they engage in that dialogue with bodies like Tennis Australia is a matter for them.’

Exemptions to play in the Australian Open are ‘very much separate from the visa process,’ Allan added.

But Allan clarified on Friday, saying the exemption only qualified Djokovic to play in the tournament and not to cross the Australian border.

Instead, she pointed the finger of blame at Craig Tiley, Tennis Australia boss, after it emerged the Department of Health sent him two letters back in November saying that prior Covid infection would not be sufficient to cross the border.

According to Metro co.UK -The tennis star will have to remain in his room where the windows are sealed shut, and air is circulated by air conditioners.

In October, nearly half of those being held in the hotel tested positive for the Delta strain, with one man taken to hospital by ambulance.

Refugees are made to share a common kitchen area and lift if traveling between floors.

People who test positive are moved to the first floor, but this can happen days after the tests are taken.


The Daily Mail reports-  forced residents of the Park Hotel where the tennis great is being held have previously complained about poor living conditions at the hotel that has been dubbed the ‘Alternative Place of Detention.’

Maggot-riddled food, moldy bread, fires, Covid outbreaks, and bugs in rooms are among the complaints made by some of the guests.

Images have been shared on social media by fellow “prisoners” at the detention facility showing the food they are being served:

Photos of maggot-infested food (above) and moldy bread (below) allegedly served inside the detention center to forced occupants have been shared on social media.

Novak Djokovic’s mother claims her son is being treated ‘like a prisoner inside his detention hotel:

Demands for the tennis star to hire a personal chef to help maintain his strict gluten-free diet have been rejected.

Djokovic offered to pay for private guards to transport him back and forth to a tennis court so he could continue to train for the Australian Open in 10 days. His offer was rejected.

On January 7, Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas Day. Djokovic was forced to spend the day locked down and alone in a filthy hotel.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison wished the Orthodox community a “happy and blessed Christmas” on Twitter, knowing full well that because of his authoritarian policies, Djokovic, along with countless others, would spend the holy holiday locked up in forced quarantine in Australia.

His 35 yr-old wife and mother of their two children, Jelena, who met Djokovic as a teenager, wrote on Instagram: I am “taking a deep breath to calm down and find gratitude (and understanding) in this moment for all that is happening.”

Jelena wrote the following message on Instagram: “Thank you, dear people, all around the world, for using your voice to send love to my husband. The only law that we should all respect across every single border is Love and respect for another human being.”

Daily Mail – She also wished her husband a ‘happy Christmas’ because Orthodox Christians mark Jesus’s birthday on January 7. An Orthodox priest said it was ‘appalling’ that Djokovic is spending the day in a hotel likened to a ‘torture chamber.’

Her message was posted amid protests in Serbia led by Djokovic’s parents, who have slammed his treatment by Australian border officials – claiming he is being held ‘prisoner’ in ‘terrible’ conditions.

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