YouTube wants you to zip it about the possibility of election fraud in the 2020 election. Nope, you cannot question the results.

While the left ranted for four years about “Russian collusion” after President Trump was elected in 2016, suddenly, it’s not ok to debate or discuss the results of the 2020 election. Is the left afraid the truthful examples of massive election fraud will be seen on YouTube and more Americans will question the result? We get it. They want the people to move on…there’s nothing to see here…

YouTube has announced they will delete any video that questions the results of the 2020 election even though lawsuits questioning the results are moving forward. YouTube will also only promote “authoritative news sources,” such as NBC and CBS videos.

The Google-owned platform released a statement, “Supporting the 2020 U.S. election”

Over the past weeks and months, we’ve seen people coming to YouTube to learn more about where and how to vote or learning more about a candidate or an issue. We’ve seen news organizations grow their audience. And we’ve seen people turn to YouTube for the latest election results or simply to follow an historic event with the highest voting turnout in over a century in the U.S.

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Our main goal going into the election season was to make sure we’re connecting people with authoritative information, while also limiting the reach of misinformation and removing harmful content. The work here is ongoing and we wanted to provide an update.
Removing content that violates our policies

Our Community Guidelines prohibit spam, scams, or other manipulated media, coordinated influence operations, and any content that seeks to incite violence. Since September, we’ve terminated over 8000 channels and thousands of harmful and misleading elections-related videos for violating our existing policies. Over 77% of those removed videos were taken down before they had 100 views.

We also work to make sure that the line between what is removed and what is allowed is drawn in the right place. Our policies prohibit misleading viewers about where and how to vote. We also disallow content alleging widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of a historical U.S. Presidential election. However in some cases, that has meant allowing controversial views on the outcome or process of counting votes of a current election as election officials have worked to finalize counts.

YouTube and Google are no longer about freedom of thought.

Ironically, it’s now not ok to question the results of an election that has more red flags than we’ve ever seen.

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