MSNBC and CNN continue to go down the path of hateful comments towards Trump supporters. They have taken to trying to offend Fox News viewers by the millions to sway opinion. Anyone with even half a brain knows this will make Trump supporters out of more Independent voters who have had enough of the vitriol from the left.

Keep it up MSNBC!

MSNBC’s Gabe Sherman:

“A story so simple even the Fox audience can understand.”

That’s the strategy of the Media.

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If you don’t buy into their “story,” they will insult your intelligence.

Fox has more primetime viewers than MSNBC and CNN combined.

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Remember, viewers also VOTE.

The problem is that Americans understand all too well the corruption during the Obama era. Gabriel Sherman wants to insult Americans into thinking this is a “simple” case, but it’s far more complex

Sherman should watch this assessment by Glenn Beck that exposes the Biden corruption in Ukraine. Wonder if he understands THIS:


We get it and want it to be exposed!

Does Mr. Sherman?

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