Naveed Jamali is supposed to be a professional analyst on MSNBC but we’re guessing that’s just too much to ask of these news hacks. He makes the claim that Jared Kushner is a double agent for the Russians! He goes on to make claims about others in the Trump administration with ZERO evidence! To say this is way past crazy is an understatement! The liberal media must have all gotten their orders to saturate the airwaves with horrible lies about Trump’s inner circle. This is dangerous stuff because there is no evidence at all but people will come away with a tainted view of Kushner no matter what happens.

Jamali: “You look for patterns and this is a clear pattern emerging. It’s a pattern that shows a consistent effort to deceive. And when you have that, there’s only one conclusion you can draw, again from an intelligence standpoint that this man (Jared Kushner) was either a Russian agent, either aspiring to be a Russian agent or was in fact a Russian agent.

Ruhle: “Hold on, this man being Jared Kushner? You really think he wants to be a Russian agent? Why would he be a Russian agent? That’s a major allegation. I mean that’s kind of a stretch,”

This is bonkers!

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