Liberal hack Mika Brzezinski made a ridiculous claim today that there are no “real men” in the White House who can stand up to President Donald Trump. Yes, this is the same woman who said it’s the media’s job to tell people what to think.

Scarborough began by playing a clip from “Fox News Sunday” in which one of President Donald Trump’s new lawyers, Jay Sekulow, said that Trump is not under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Scarborough had the nerve to mock Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow’s  by waving a stack of papers and shouting loudly.

Joe Scarborough started it off by saying, “I have all of this evidence right here, and it is right here that I’ve got all of this evidence. I’m holding this paper. That means what I am saying is official and I got it from a certified letter.”

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Brzezinski then emasculated men in the White House: “Think about it. There are no men in the White House. Literally, no real men. I’ve said it before. Nobody can get him to stop tweeting. Maybe bring in a woman. Maybe just one who can get this guy to stop tweeting and shooting himself in the foot.”


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