The videos below are of the two key anchors on MSNBC, Mika and Joe, spewing lies about President Trump. They are beside themselves with rage and hate. The reporter on screen with Joe looks shocked at what is being said about President Trump, who released a positive video (see below) after he left the hospital.

Severe Trump Derangement Syndrome was at a very high level on MSNBC this morning when Joe Scarborough went on a rant repeatedly accusing President Trump of being “roided out”:

“Maybe the ‘roids are whispering in your ear you’re actually still a frail, obese … really bad shape … you’re not well.”

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They are so disappointed that President Trump recovered so quickly:

Also this morning, Mika asks if President Trump could be arrested for manslaughter while the six people on the screen sit silently with no push back on her outrageous comments:

Follow the science, right?

These two need to seek help for their anger.

The video below is the positive message President Trump sent out to Americans:


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