The leftist reporters and news commentators are shameless when it comes to bashing President Trump. They don’t even hide it anymore!

A MSNBC commentator tweeted out bragging about wanting to ram his car into the Trump lobby:

Elie Mystal of MSNBC tweeted out a comment with a photo of the Trump lobby saying that he’s “thought about drivingmy car through it EVERY TIME.”

He then makes a comment about “basic humanity”. If he had any basic humanity, he wouldn’t be tweeting out such a disgusting comment.

This comes after a motorist rammed his car into the Trump lobby in New Rochelle, NY (see below).

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A man drove right into the Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York. After the crash, he just got out of the car and sat on a sofa in the lobby.

There were several injuries, but none are life-threatening.

Police say this was just an accident and not an anti-Trump lunatic.

BREAKING New Rochelle – car smashes into Trump Plaza

Workers said the driver got out and sat on a sofa…

Workers at Trump Plaza New Rochelle say after a car plowed into the lobby, the male driver got out and took a seat on a sofa. Said nothing. Several injuries but none are life-threatening.

A photo of the car in the building below:


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