MSNBC contributor Anand Giridharadas on Thursday said that President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers were making “sure the pandemic kills as many people as possible” by not agreeing to pass a coronavirus pandemic stimulus package.

Giridharadas said, “The real blame is Mitch McConnell, the Republicans, the president, a party that does not want to help people. That is working on one side to actually make sure the pandemic kills as many people as possible. That seems to be the logical consequence of their policy. And to make sure all of the people who manage to survive despite their policy suffer economically and beyond.”


He added, “Republicans don’t want anything to happen on this score. They don’t want any relief and want people to suffer from COVID, judging by their policy. However, it is also the case that most of the people you might show on screen as leaders in Congress right now are not people who have lived any of this kind of pain in their lives, right?:

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“Whether Republicans or Democrats in leadership, they skew wealthy. Many of them have been there forever. Many of them are part of a kind of permanent political establishment and revolving door. This pain is as foreign to them as North Korea,” Giridharadas concluded.

MSNBC puts this garbage on television because MSNBC is garbage.

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