“The Media is the enemy of the People” – President Donald J. Trump

Racist Joy Reid and hateful guest Eric Boehlert deliver shocking bias on MSNBC where they rant about “white, Midwestern Trump voters.”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this opinion news does nothing but foment hate and division in America.

MSNBC guest Eric Boehlert said the media’s focus on white working-class voters is “dangerous” and “racist” during an appearance on AM Joy:

“This obsession, and it goes back to the day after he was inaugurated, this obsession with interviewing white, Midwestern Trump voters and asking them what they think about Trump, it is a dangerous, it is a racist message. Because the message is, white Republicans are who matter in this country. Their opinions are what really matter. The press invented this beat out of whole cloth after Trump was elected.”

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Ironically, the racist rhetoric was coming from the MSNBC panel!


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