Yes, this was actually what a guest on MSNBC said about white voters. This has to be one of the best ever examples of how low the news has gone these days. How could this pass for anything but bull sh*t? It’s this woman’s opinion being passed off as news. Stay classy MSNBC…

You just have to hear this woman to believe someone could be so outwardly racist to generalize about whites. The best part about this is the woman is what’s said about her at the bottom of the screen. The caption reads:


For those of you who don’t know what “AF” means: “As F*ck”

“Let us stop pretending that white women and white men are going to save us from ourselves …

They’re always going to vote with their whiteness.”

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I don’t “vote with my whiteness.” Ever. Never have. Neither does my wife. Neither do most of my in-laws. I doubt my daughter will either when she’s old enough to vote. We vote with our humanity. But go on, show your horrible ignorance on national TV. Everyone’s doing it, right?

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