A young, black girl named Ma-Khia Bryant was shot by a police officer in Columbus, Ohio as she appears to attempt to stab another young girl. Both girls were black. The police officer almost certainly saved a girl’s life–or at least prevented serious injury–by shooting the alleged attacker. In a split-second decision as he appears to arrive on the scene, the bodycam footage of the officer shows what he saw, below:

Last night, during MSNBC’s “The Reid Out” show, host Joy Reid defended the 16-year-old would-be stabber, Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot dead by Columbus Police seconds before she plunged a knife into a young female victim.

‘We don’t know the details of what happened beforehand but I’m bothered that no one is asking what could’ve scared a 16-year-old girl enough that she felt that she had to grab a kitchen knife facing two adult women,’ Reid said.

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‘No one’s asking what would’ve scared a kid who’s in a foster situation so much that she felt that she needed to defend herself or pick up a knife,’ she added.

Joy Reid: What would have scared Ma’Khia into grabbing knife?

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Daily Mail reports – Reid also took aim at people who have said the officer was protecting the other girls involved in the altercation when he opened fire on knife-wielding Ma’Khia.

‘No one’s asking that about her, they’re just saying – people with this sort of concern trolling – pretending they care so much about those other two women,’ Reid said.

‘Do we really think these people are so concerned about those other two black women?’

Her comments drew a backlash from some on Twitter.

One wrote: ‘911 operators, take note. Ask if it’s a knife fight first, then do not dispatch police. Send Joy Reid.’

Conservative Curtis Houck said ‘Joy Reid claims anyone defending the officer that shot #MaKiyahBryant is more concerned about the white officer and don’t actually care about the lives of the other girls b/c – you guessed it – they’re black’

One user asked, ‘Joy a black girl was saved doesn’t that life matter to you?’

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