In a recent segment done by ‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC, a group of Trump supporters from the Pittsburgh area was gathered to discuss their thoughts on the January 6th protests. Their responses left MSNBC’s Elise Jordan without a leg to stand on as they shut down all the leading questions she threw at them.

Jordan, trying to push the Left’s ridiculous Jan 6 narrative, asked the group about Doug Mastriano, a GOP gubernatorial candidate for Pennsylvania. She suggested that the candidate should no longer be fit to run for office since he was at the Capitol protests.

MSNBC host Elise Jordan

“Mastriano was at the insurrection and he was photographed breaching one of the restricted areas,” said Jordan. “Is that okay?”

“Which area?” asked one of the participants. “Because I saw a video where Capitol officers were taking away barriers and unlocking doors for people, so… As long as he didn’t strike anybody, he didn’t hurt anybody-”

“The only one that died was a protestor there, not a Capitol police officer,” another participant chimed in.

Jordan, pushing complete false information that was manufactured by the Liberal media, insisted, “A police officer did die.”

“Of a heart attack,” the participants corrected her. “Not on site.”

Caught in a lie, Jordan changed the subject. “So what do you make, though, overall of January 6th? I mean, it was – watching that footage, it was pretty disturbing. I mean, there were people throwing excrement at the walls and, you know, it’s the Capitol.

One participant shot back, comparing the actions of the Trump supporters (and Antifa) to those of the BLM rioters. He said, “Except on a much smaller scale, it looked the same as the Black Lives Matter riots.”

Jordan pushed back, asking, “So it’s okay just because one side that you disagree with -”

Cutting her off, a participant said,

“Anybody who harmed anybody, anybody who caused property destruction, that needs to be dealt with. But if you’re there making your voice heard, at the People’s House no less, that’s a fundamental Constitutional right of an American citizen. And people should not be being held political prisoner because of it… That’s east Germany, that’s what’s scary.”

Jordan then asked if they thought Trump could have quelled the violence that day, to which the group firmly responded “no.”

One woman, who had been at Trump’s speech that day, said that Trump was still speaking while the riots began, and added that he had encouraged a peaceful protest.

MSNBC’s attempts to bait these Trump supporters to prove the Liberal lies about Jan 6 tragically failed.


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